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  • Are your school uniforms true to size?
    Yes! Our garments are true to size. All products sizes are listed by age or by chest measurement. Hoodies and jackets are naturally slightly larger to accommodate internal layering.
  • Why do your uniforms skip a year/size?
    All of our products are measured by chest size. Most sizes jump two inches at a time, therefore, we list our ages 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 etc. We somethings use age to help guardians better understand chest measurements. Unlike fast fashion, we manufacture product sizes in this way, ensuring adequate growing room and less wastage during the full school term; growing further the value for money offered to guardians and saving the environment from unnessiscary waste.
  • How do I wash and care for my School Gear uniform?
    Due to the high quality of our school uniforms, they are commonly handed down year on year to younger siblings in the same household. Washing instructions for each garment differs, however, all washing care is attached to the label of each garment. As heat is the worst offender for accelerating degradation and shrinkage for all textile types, we advise that you never tumble dry your School Gear uniform and wash inside out to protect your embroidery, print and to reduce pilling.
  • When should I order my School Gear uniform for the next School year?
    In order for us to guarantee completion and delivery of your School uniform, we advise everyone to order their School uniform before May or June before returning to School for the next School term. If your order is placed after this date, we will still complete your order, however, we cannot guarantee its completion before the end of August.
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